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i haz innernet again!

so until i get a new powersupply, i'm pretty much internet-free.


am trying to check emails from work/mom's but if you need me/want to get together/etc, please call.


"teabonics," y'all. folks at the teaparty protests with misspelled signs!


all i can wonder is what happens if the virgin female in question has lost her "maidenhead" bicycling, horseriding, or just being klutzy?

i want to think it's a spoof, but i doubt it....


It's going to be animal related and tales of random stuff my dogs do. and have links to other interesting animal stuff if anyone who sees this might be interested.
that's all.


feel free to tell everyone you know :)


There's a blog I read from a lady with a corgi that I think has cuteness on par with Emma. She's a breeder, one who seems to actually do what she does for the betterment of the breed, not just to make a buck, or because puppies are so damn cute. I really enjoy her posts and they've given me a lot of food for thought. I still am of the mindset that 999 of 1000 dogs have no business being bred, but this is one time I've been happy to hear of a pregnant dog. Clue had her csection this morning and has 9 beautiful puppies. So if you are in need of some "omgsqueeitsfullofcute," go check out the above link.

Congrats Clue!!!!
off the face of the earth again as of tomorrow. it's the first day of the spring term. so i'm fixing to shower and sleep so i can go to work tomorrow and kick serious ass!

friends, i'd love to see you all again sometime, but it'll be at least two weeks before i have time, it seems.

in other news: grandma came home from rehab last week and is doing well. and it's really cold out. if you don't believe me, check out 

that's all i got. 

In short, our military folks in Iraq can be disciplined for getting pregnant/impregnating someone, or having an abortion.

There was a cat that hung around my house for a long time that we tried to trap as he wouldn't let you near him. He disappeared, and then this past Sunday came back, only really, really friendly. Looked exactly the same, maybe wasn't but I really think he was. He was very, very ill when he came back Sunday. Emaciated, horrid URI, giant lump on neck, ear mites, you name it. I initially thought the lump was an abcess but then realized it wasn't. Chester really liked having his face washed with a warm cloth, and he ate four cans of cat food in the 24 hours I had him.

 We took him to the vet. He was FIV+, (unneutered of course), which I could totally have dealt with. However, the lump on his neck was an FIV-associated tumor that was destroying his jaw...I can't describe the smell. It was awful. He was a very, very sweet cat for the time I spent with him. It was decided that he was to be euthanized as he was only suffering now and it would only get worse. Chester went to kitty heaven yesterday afternoon.

The reason I'm posting this here is because if whoever had that cat in the beginning of his life, or who got him from the people who had his mom (I can't believe he was truly feral after spending such sweet time with him), had just HAD HIM FIXED that right there would probably have kept him from getting FIV, unless he was born with it. If someone had TAKEN THE TIME and SPENT A FEW BUCKS (we have low cost s/n here), this poor cat would probably still be alive. And if they had anything resembling sense, and he did get sick, they'd have taken him to the vet. He never should have suffered and ended up with strangers...the neighbor across the street shooed him away and told him to go away, I found out. (They are also SPOs, but that's a different story.)

As it is, none of that happened. I am at least happy he didn't die alone, in the woods, starved to death because his mouth was so awful, and that he passed peacefully (dr was awesome, if you need name of great central FL vet email me at smallstream at aol dot com) and that died with a full belly and with someone who cared. Not every cat has that.

Rest in peace, Chester. You were a delightful kitty and I am so sorry we could not have done more.

I originally posted this at stupidpetowners comm, but thought I'd put it here too for my own memories.
Then again considering the fact we live in a world where people can't treat their own offspring right, why am I surprised?