thank god for four day weekend work has been just crazy
stuff that's going on these days:

nay's finishing a round of clavamox because of uti

jessica rabbit passed away a few weeks back right after herbie the gpig :(

got a hamster adopted to fantastic older lady who loves hammies

got two piggies adopted to girl about my age who had her last one cremated when he passed

we are thinking about trading the truck in for something with better mileage and smaller payment since i have way awesome credit score now (for me) 721

took kate to er last night she thought she was having a heart attack but wasn't but still has to follow up--was 4 of the scariest hours of my life

michael had to go to er today because he sprained his back it seems

dogs got fenced in yard about two months ago

zoe had her tonsils out in aug and kate started rn school

corey started school

i'm going this month to take damned cpt to graduate and am seriously thinking of going to ucf to get my business degree which is an entire pile of "wtf" , i know but i think that may be good plan

being thirty is weird because i certainly don't feel thirty nor like a 'mature and responsible adult"

i gained like ten pounds this summer. fuck.

jamie's mom and dad are moving from the keys to NC to be w her bro/sis and their 7 kids (not inbred please don't misread) so she's all fucked up over that.

went to target w mom yesterday and for 83$ we got 5 prs shoes, a bra, 8 prs socks, 10 shirts. fanfuckingtastic!

work is going really well as far as sales etc but i am SO GLAD THE WORST OF THE TERM IS OVER. i can't even tell ya.

and probably other various shit has occurred. and the world continues to turn.

think that's all for now. miss my friends. but i honestly have missed sleep more and have been getting a little more of that so yay!