really long day at work. first day of fin. aid, first day of open enrollment. which translated into 62K in sales. Last year, same day, 32k. 100K was last year's take for the week. so with only 2 registers needless to say, super busy.

what i find interesting is that i come home to veg on the internet (thanks Al Gore) to read about dogs, abortion, feminism, VBACs, and having healthy pregnancies/babies. also terrierman's blog but that's about dogs too. so go fig.

considering i'm all good on the dog front and myself breeding is a long way off by current measurements (seriously, i haz no monies and my therapist knows i haz issues) that's just full of ironic.

and i am seriously tempted to take pic of the case of beer in my fridge once it's empty with my crackberry, post the photo on facebook, and use the caption "OMG iz broken!"

(the more i drink the funnier LOLcat is to me.)